Need to open lots of links?

Sometimes it’s necessary to open a large number of websites in one go in order to save time. I often do this myself when analyzing a competitors backlink profile.

I’ll usually export their list of referring domains or individual links, clean it up in a spreadsheet and then open them all up in my browser (in tabs) to quickly go through and look for worthwhile link opportunities, or golden nuggets as I often like to call them.

It’s worth noting that not all computer systems can continue to operate at a high level once the browser has been filled with additional tabs or windows.

Reasons you may want to open multiple URLs:

  • Analyzing a competitors link profile for link opportunities
  • Checking that your own incoming links are still live
  • Quickly sourcing ideas for good content
  • Reviewing submissions, etc.

Introducing: Bulk URL Opener

We’ve just introduced another free SEO tool to our visitors called bulk URL opener and basically it works by taking your list of links and then firing up new tabs / windows for each of them – all in one go, enabling you to quickly go through them one by one.

It’s not perfect, though, simply because most browsers don’t allow multiple tabs or windows to be opened by a single website without your prior permission.

Common issue in Google Chrome:

Pop-up Blocked in Google Chrome

You may have seen the warning above before, but if not this is simply letting you know that the website you’re currently on is or has tried to open multiple windows.

To get around this warning and successfully use our tool you will need to click on the warning and let Google Chrome (or other browser) know that you want to allow to open multiple windows in future. That’s pretty much it.