Oh, the infamous and frowned-upon-yet-still-popular selfie.

We’re all guilty of taking at least one (or twenty) in our time using social media / networking. My first memory of a selfie, and committing that sinful act, is on MySpace many years ago. I took more than twenty, too, which I’m very ashamed to admit years later at the ripe old age of 27. In fact, anybody who follows me on Twitter will know that I do still indulge in the occasional selfie, usually at work when I’m bored…

Selfies – are you doing it right?

You now have the anatomy of the perfect selfie in an infographic – never half-ass a selfie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram again. Probably valid for Snapchat, too, actually.

NOTE: I take no responsibility for any abuse and/or bullying which may arise as a result of following this infographic and bombing those social networks with your pouting face or naked body smeared in chocolate. I’ve never taken it that far before, I promise!

Just kidding – that would never happen! :)

Here’s the infographic:

Selfie Infographic