For those who don’t know, American Soda is a shop here in the UK that stocks thousands of great American sweets, chocolates and drinks. It’s awesome.

They have an online store that looks the part and is very easy to navigate – filling and successfully checking out with a basket of great American goodies couldn’t be easier which is important.

I first discovered American Soda a few weeks back when I was looking to buy some Root Beer (love that stuff) after a sudden urge hit me. I purchased two 2 litre bottles of A&W root beer with next day delivery and enjoyed every last drop.

American Soda – Design & Usability

American Soda is running on the world’s favourite ecommerce software, Magento, with a custom-made theme which was built by Fluid Creativity in Manchester. They did an awesome job – the design is what made me feel comfortable placing an order with them in the first place. It’s strange, really, but the design really does matter in ecommerce.

The design is nothing special, but it does its job well. It’s vibrant, makes you feel happy and American with the little touches in the header and footer. It’s also very easy to navigate and the product sections are very obvious which is important.

I don’t think 9 products per page is enough. When navigating the site, I always choose to show ‘all’ items per page. I don’t like clicking so often for so little.

Basket and Checkout Process

Adding items to your basket on the American Soda website really couldn’t be easier, and you always get the option of checking out or continuing your shop after each.

An important positive for me is the fact that you can checkout as a Guest if you want to. I won’t use an online store without this option, although after a couple of successful orders I will usually register anyway. Delivery charges are upfront which is very good.

Checkout takes only a couple of minutes. Excellent.

Delivery in the UK

I’ve been happy with the delivery process and arrival on almost all occasions thus far as a customer of American Soda. It’s nice to get transparent email updates throughout.

There are currently only 2 delivery options:

  • Standard Delivery (3-5 days)
  • Next Working Day (before 3pm)

Customer Service

I have only contacted customer care on one occasion, which was a result of me not seeing ‘working day’ in the ‘next working day’ delivery option when checking out with some root beer on a Friday. I was disappointed that it hadn’t been posted out to me.

Amy replied to me first, but sounded rather snotty and unhelpful:


Our next day delivery service is ‘Next working day.’

This is explained on our website.

Kind Regards


American Soda

She could have been nicer, I think, but it happens.

Not the end of the world.

Online Reputation

The reputation of American Soda is fairly good online, although there are many negative reviews on Trust Pilot which have gone unanswered which is quite unprofessional.

I think the team need to understand that no company on planet earth has a 100% positive reputation. It’s impossible. But dealing with customers who had a negative experience is important – it’s assuring for potential customers and also gives you a chance to make it up to a customer who could order from a competitor.

Negatives / Possible Improvements

There are only two things that I dislike about American Soda…

1) Out of Date Products

Although I haven’t purchased any out of date products myself, I have noticed a lot of negative reviews online with no reply from the company about receiving products that are past their use by date. For me, that is totally unacceptable. Always.

I’d like to see the team at American Soda eradicate this problem and put things on sale before they get anywhere close to their use by date. That’d be super awesome.

I’ve also received some products without use by dates on them…

2) Saturday Delivery

It’s no secret, I’m a massive geek (or child) and I like to slay Zombies whilst chaining can after can of root beer right into the early hours on the weekend. Hey, it’s fun!

Anyway, I often forget to order my cans and then hit the internet on a Friday in search of my beloved root beer with next day delivery (Saturday) and I can’t help but wonder why American Soda, in the year 2014, cannot get some root beer to me on a Saturday.

It’s total madness. I NEED MY ROOT BEER ON SATURDAY!

Final Thoughts

American Soda is probably my favourite website for ordering root beer and other american sweets, although I will continue to use Amazon when I need my Saturday delivery. And I also shop with Retro Shopper when retro sweets are what I’m looking for.

I’d like to see them giving back a little more – reward regular buyers with loyalty points that they can trade in for products (pretty standard these days), run regular competitions to keep their customers engaged and happy. It’s very easy yet effective stuff.

Do you order from American Soda? Leave your own review below.

Review Overview
  • Design / Usability
  • Basket / Checkout Process
  • Delivery Times / Options
  • Customer Service
  • Online Reputation
Total Score

American Soda is definitely the premier site in the UK to order great american candy and drinks, but I do wish they'd review their delivery options and give back to loyal customers.