As an SEO, I need to perform many searches a day on Google, and more often than not these are national rankings in the UK that I’m checking and so I don’t want to be seeing local results at all.

Incognito is usually the first thought in this situation, but incognito doesn’t stop Google from grabbing your location (as close as they can) unfortunately.

Localized results are fantastic for users who are looking for local services, but when you’re looking to target a broader market this can distort the actual stance of a website within Google’s search results. It’s good to check both local and national, but we’re more concerned about checking national right now.

Turn Off Localized Search in Google

I live in the UK and work at a digital marketing agency in Liverpool and one of the problems I have is when checking our position for the broad term of SEO.

When checking our position for this keyword, we always show up at #1 because of localized results – this has definitely gotten me overly excited on more than one occasion, which isn’t very cool. Fortunately, there’s a very simply solution.

Step 1) Click on Search Tools

Just above Google’s search results, you should be able to see a link called ‘Search Tools’ which when clicked should present you with something like the below. I don’t actually live in Preston, Google just got my location wrong on this occasion. D’oh!

Here’s what it looks like:

Localized Search Google

Step 2) Change Your Location

Click on the current location to pop open this box and you will find a field where you can enter your location manually. If you live in the UK like me, simply entering ‘UK’ in this box and hitting the ‘Set’ button will get those pesky localized results turned off.

Here’s what it looks like:

Localized Search Google (Open)

You’re done! You should now see results from the whole of the UK without any local businesses creeping into the mix. This works for any country, too, by the way.

Did you find this useful? Let us know in the comments below.