Positionly is a rank tracking tool that I discovered late last year just after I started working at a local digital marketing agency – they were using Rank Ranger at the time, but I thought I’d have a look at some of our options. I’m glad I did because it makes my job as an SEO a lot more enjoyable.

They’ve done very well since their launch, having raised a lot of capital to invest ($300k I think) in their growth, but it also seems that the digital marketing industry as a whole have taken to their tool more so than other similar tools that have been and gone before them. It’s probably the sleek Dashboard and fair pricing among other things.

Setting Up Positionly

Getting started with Positionly couldn’t be easier – they offer a free 14-day trial and the sign-up process is very straightforward. After that, they offer very flexible and fair pricing bands that are very affordable for both businesses and individuals.

First, you’ll be asked for just your name and email address before being taken through a simple set-up process to start tracking your very first website. It goes like this…

Step 1) Website Info

Once your Positionly account is open, you’re going to need to add your first website to your account to begin tracking keyword positions. You’ll need to enter your domain name as well as choose whether or not you wish to track keywords outside of Google in the United States. If you’re in the UK like me, you’d be selecting yes here.

Website Info

Step 2) Keywords to Track

Great, your domain is added and the search engine location is set, but what keywords do you want to track? Enter a list – as many as you like, or that your selected plan (if any) allows. You can get extra keywords for free later on by sharing on social media.

Keywords to Track

Step 3) Checking Positions

They’re sending their little search ants to check your current positions.

Checking Positions

Step 4) Competitor Tracking

Positionly will always suggest a bunch of potential competitors to you, although I don’t usually find these helpful and often have my own different competitors in mind. Regardless, this is a great feature which enables you to easily track your daily and long-term performance against that of your competitors. Very useful indeed.

Competitors Tracking

Step 5) Ranking Results

Oh would you look at that, 1 out of my 2 keywords are in the top 10. YAY! Wait, that 1 was my brand, and the second is not yet published on the blog. Pretty cool, right?

Ranking Results

The Dashboard

The Positionly Dashboard is both beautiful to look at and extremely easy to use.

When you first login, you will see a line chart showing the performance of each site under your account along with its average position. Beneath that, you’ll have a table showing the last update date as well as number of changes today for each site.

Dashboard: 10/10

The Accuracy

Because of how Google works, reported positions in Positionly are never going to be 100% accurate and exact 100% of the time, although in my experience it’s been accurate around 9 times out of 10 which is pretty impressive. I can’t complain.

When you perform a search on Google, you’ll always be connected via a random server or data center where there are often ranking fluctuations. You can’t avoid this.

Accuracy: 9/10

The Pricing

Positionly offer very fair pricing packages that are suitable for sites of every size.

For those just starting out, there’s a ‘micro plan’ for just $5 per month that allows you to track 1 website and 10 keywords. After that, you have the following options:

Bronze – 5 websites / 50 keywords — $19.99

Silver – 10 websites / 250 keywords — $49.99

Gold – 30 websites / 1,000 keywords — $99.00

They’re very fair prices and present real value for money when you consider the resources that go into checking so many keywords on a daily basis. If none of those plans suit you, however, you can also speak with the company to work out a custom plan.

Pricing: 9/10

Final Thoughts

I have used Positionly for over a year now and I still look forward to logging in each morning to see what my data looks like. It’s a very affordable tool that automates the checking of all of your keywords which will save you a lot of time and effort.

My advice… Get it and love it, or at least try the free trial.

Review Overview
  • Dashboard
  • Accuracy
  • Pricing
Total Score

Positionly is easily the best web tool available for tracking keyword rankings - it has a very sleek interface that is easy to read and manage, and it is also offers many price plans that are suitable for everyone. I'm yet to find a tool that matches Positionly. It's my favourite by far.