There simply aren’t enough hours in the day, especially for someone like myself who has a full-time job and so I eventually came up with this simple rule for myself which would enable me to work on things without putting too much pressure on myself which often resulted in frustration and disappointment on a regular basis.

When you have a job and a family, you must be realistic with yourself and accept the fact that you can no longer sit at a computer all day or night when you’re not in work, and you certainly can’t focus 100% when you’re at home like you used to because you’re a parent and partner. But there are ways to ensure that you still make progress, however slowly, and this ‘3 actions a day’ idea is just one of them that I like to use myself.

3 Actions a Day

I used to create large to-do lists for myself to complete on a daily basis, but having a family and a full-time job made this quite unrealistic to achieve which would often leave me frustrated and feeling like a failure. After all, I did used to put in 16 hour days when I worked for myself, and so that change was hard for me to accept for a long, long time.

After some time, I decided to do away with the to-do lists and instead try to complete just 3 actions a day instead. A single action can be defined by things like; a blog comment, a new article, a guest post request, a forum post – anything like that, really.

This is much more achievable than to-do lists and allows me to brush off the frustration from before because I know that day-by-day I am getting things done and slowly progressing.

So in a typical day, you could:

  • Leave a comment on a related blog (brand anchor)
  • Publish a post on your blog (fresh content)
  • Reach out for a post on another blog (share knowledge for a link)

Those are just 3 ideas for an average day, but you can mix it up in many ways.

It’s better to do something like this and make slow progress than to allow yourself to become frustrated and do nothing instead. That’s what I did for a long time before this – it’s silly.

Weekly or Monthly Actions

If you’re not a fan of the ‘3 actions a day’ then maybe you could try something similar with a specific number of weekly or monthly actions? That could be both great and dangerous because I imagine you’d end up putting some off and giving yourself unmanageable days that could lead to further disappointment. If you can manage it, though, go for it.

Remember, though, that many actions take a lot of time and so it’s important that you mix up your daily or monthly actions so as to ensure that you can comfortably get through them. Give yourself one long one and two short ones to make things less stressful for yourself.

Have you tried this or anything similar? Let me know in the comments below.