Easy Outreach is a company who provide outsourced link building services to SEO agencies and businesses who lack the time or knowledge required to undertake these tasks for both themselves and their clients.

Their flagship product is their blogger outreach service which offers content placements on real blogs containing links back to your website. This is an extremely effective way of building links and achieving higher rankings in Google and, according to many experts, it is easily the safest and most effective way of achieving success against Google’s complex ranking algorithm in 2015 and beyond.

According to Easy Outreach, blogger outreach involves building real relationships with bloggers and writing great content that adds value for their readers as well as the general web, and as you can imagine it’s too time intensive for many.

Blogger Outreach Pricing

I’m going to focus on their blogger outreach service for this review since that is their most popular service and something everyone should be doing for their SEO now.

Their pricing is very good for what you get – you have to remember that these guys spend A SERIOUS amount of time building relationships in order to have content published on real blogs. They also write the content so it’s pretty time intensive stuff really.

Their blogger outreach pricing is based upon volume ordered:

  • £40 for 1-5 placements
  • £35 for 5-10 placements
  • £32.50 for 10-25 placements
  • £30 for 25+ placements

I’d say pricing is very reasonable, probably too cheap if you ask me.

Ordering System

Easy Outreach make placing orders very easy and straightforward – no phone calls, no back-and-forth emails, just a simple online ordering system which is a breeze.

Simply choose the product or service you wish to order in their shop or direct from the service page, enter your details and pay via your preferred method and you’ll receive an acknowledgement email from your account manager with an ETA.

It’s a very fast, streamlined process. Great for busy people!

Delivery & Results

I tried the £175 package containing 5 blog placements – I wasn’t sure what to expect but was happy to see that my order was delivered a day before the estimated ETA.

I pointed the links at a new website I had which contained around 25 pages of unique, lengthy content but no backlinks other than a few social media profiles. Within 2 weeks the site moved from nowhere to the bottom of page 2 in Google. Wow!

It’s safe to say that these are VERY good quality links.

Final Thoughts

Easy Outreach is a great solution for SEO agencies and I can see how it could be even more useful for business owners and individuals who are trying to achieve search engine growth online as agency fees can sometimes be out of reach for many of them.

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