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As an SEO, I need to perform many searches a day on Google, and more often than not these are national rankings in the UK that I’m checking and so I don’t want to be seeing local results at all. Incognito is usually the first thought in this situation, but incognito doesn’t stop Google from...

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on in Infographics

Oh, the infamous and frowned-upon-yet-still-popular selfie. We’re all guilty of taking at least one (or twenty) in our time using social media / networking. My first memory of a selfie, and committing that sinful act, is on MySpace many years ago. I took more than twenty, too, which I’m very ashamed to admit years later...

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on in Google SEO

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you’re probably aware of Google’s latest Penguin update which rolled out last month. Dubbed Penguin 3.0, it was initially thought that this would be a very large update given the year of waiting between this rollout and the last, but it the end, it...

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on in How To

Need to open lots of links? Sometimes it’s necessary to open a large number of websites in one go in order to save time. I often do this myself when analyzing a competitors backlink profile. I’ll usually export their list of referring domains or individual links, clean it up in a spreadsheet and then open...

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on in Growth Hacking

The majority of businesses fail, but that would probably change if more utilized growth hacking. Growth hacking is probably the easiest way you’re ever going to make money and, hopefully, turn a profit for your business in order to then invest in more conventional internet marketing methods. If you have very little overheads, you can...

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